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3 Month Local SEO Strategy Guide To Increase ROI

So, you’re looking to enter the Search Engine Optimization game but you’re not quite sure where to start. This is a 3 month strategy guide that will help you take your business from nothing to positive ROI for your website in 3 months.

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Why 3 months? Well, the search space is changing rapidly and Google is changing their algorithms constantly to lend their SERP (search engine results page) to people who have high quality sites. So, all we need to do is show Google that your website is higher quality then your competitors and you’ll attain high organic rankings in as little as three months. To do that, you need to choose the right SEO company for your strategy.

I’ve used the exact strategies below to attain search engine rankings in only 1 month. In 3 months I’m ranking sites on high competition local keywords and the best part about this strategy is that I control all of the back-links that are coming into my sites. I don’t have to worry about deleting another back-link again! Sounds great huh? Well, rankings is only a portion o the overall ROI you’re looking for. There’s a few other things we need to cover to make sure a positive ROI is realized in 3 months. So, here we go: A great Local SEO Company.

Create a business strategy

Sounds pretty general huh? Stay with me. You need to strategize on the type of people you’re marketing to so that you can take the next step of developing a website. See, a lot of people just throw up a website and think they are good… those are the people you’re going to spank in the SERPS because you actually took the time to develop something that speaks to your target market.

Week 1: Figure out who you’re talking to and understand how they search for your business. Here’s some insights into how I developed SEO with Car Loan Cash Now

The goal here is to determine exactly where your target market is at in the buying cycle when they land on your website. This means you’ll need to figure out what kinds of keywords visitors are searching so that you can determine what type of content you need to put in front of them.

Create a Website

Ok, so now that you’ve done your keyword research you’re ready to slap up a website with some articles and you’re good. No! if you want to be successful you need to organize your website like a book. You have your home page that is like the cover of the book. Your main menu navigation is like the index at the front of the book. Each page is like a summary of each chapter and each blog post you write is like the expansion of that page into other subtopics that link back to the main topic page.

Week 2: Setup Your Site for Conversion

Ok, now you’ve got your topics organized and you are ready to get you site designed for conversion. You’ll need to understand some basic elements about designing for conversion. I would suggest you go do a Google search and learn more about this topic before choosing a design layout. You don’t have to have the prettiest site in the world. You need a website that converts!

Start Marketing

Online marketing and SEO is like posting tweets and Facebook stuff right? Yea, no. The best things you can do for marketing are to setup high quality back-links on relevant sites. This means seeking out opportunities with other webmasters to get a back-link from their site to yours.

Contact our agency for more information on marketing your company online.

Week 3: Attain 5 high quality Back-links

Find relevant niche sites and ask for a guest posting opportunity. Create a high PR microsite that niches on a subtopic of your main site. For instance, my main website is about internet marketing but this site only talks about SEO. See how that works?

Alright, now you need to claim your google local listing and get yourself listed in all the high quality local directories. I would also do a Google search on this to find the best local directories to place your business in. You should not need more then about 20-50 of these.

Now, you need to wait. Write some blog posts and do some PR work with free PR tools like Prlog etc… You can find some nice fiverr gigs to help you with your PR distribution if you’d like but DON”T EVER BUILD BACKLINKS ON FIVERR. Your five high quality back-links will probably be enough to rank you in about 1 month if you did the process correctly.

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